Returns Policy

Returns & Refunds

What happens if a product in my order is damaged?

If a product turns up damaged, let us know and we’ll decide on the best way to handle it. In some cases we’ll ask for the product be returned to us, in others we may send out a replacement with proof of the damage. Rest assured, we’ll take care of it.

What happens if my order is incorrect?

We’ve got a 99.9% accuracy rate even after processing tens of thousands of orders, so we’re positive this won’t happen to you!

If, however, you’re unlucky one to experience an inaccurate order, we’ll send out the correct product immediately and pay your return shipping costs for the incorrect item.

Who pays the return delivery costs?

If the return is a result of our error (for example the product is damaged), we’ll pay the return shipping cost.

If you’ve changed your mind on a product, we ask that you cover the return costs to us.

Can I return a product which has been opened or used?

No, sorry. We can only accept returns for products which are in brand new, unopened and unused condition.


If a refund is required and approved, we’ll process it within 24 hours of the item being returned.